As we track the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the trucking industry, we're asking readers to complete this survey to measure how fleets are being affected around the country.

We're closing this survey soon, so please take a few minutes to tell us how you are protecting the drivers, dispatchers, and fleet professionals who are making it happen, as well as how the pandemic is affecting your business and how you're dealing with the disruption.

If you completed a similar survey last month, we'd love for you to complete this one as well. Our goal is to track how things are changing.

Our editors will use the information in our continuing reporting to keep readers informed on the latest on COVID-19 and how they can address its challenges.

In addition, if readers are willing to discuss their answers in more detail with one of our editors, there is an opportunity to share contact information at the end of the survey. Otherwise, the survey is completely confidential, and answers will be grouped with the others responding before being summarized and shared with our readers.

Take our COVID-19 survey and help us further the industry’s understanding of this pandemic. 

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