-  Photo: Charles Csavossy, Wikipedia Commons

Photo: Charles Csavossy, Wikipedia Commons

Next Trucking now offers a chassis management solution to help shippers reduce the cost of using port chassis at the Los Angeles ports.

Chassis management can be a complex problem in drayage, sometimes due to “free chassis” agreements between shippers and steamship lines. During high volumes, a shortage of port chassis creates an environment where containers are stuck in the port and drivers are stuck in detention. Drivers then have a harder time accessing containers, leading to accruing demurrage fees, loss in productivity, missed appointments, and chassis split fees.

“With Chassis Management, we will drastically improve our understanding of chassis ‘free days’ agreements and define cost-saving scenarios for shippers, measuring factors such as season, congestion, and terminals,” said Lidia Yan, co-founder and CEO of Next Trucking. “In the end, we will help shippers save money by using data and fee predictions to move their shipments faster and in a more cost-effective way.”