Justin Barnhart, general manager for PacLease Texas Company Stores believes PacLease trucks...

Justin Barnhart, general manager for PacLease Texas Company Stores believes PacLease trucks coming off a lease were one of the used truck industry’s best-kept secrets.

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With a large inventory of used trucks on the market, buyers have a lot of choices. According to PacLease, that means top quality vehicles await for those who do their homework.

“How a truck ‘looks’ is one thing, but the mechanical condition is a totally different matter,” said Justin Barnhart, General Manager – PacLease Texas Company Stores. “You want both, so pay particular attention to the trucks maintenance records before you make a purchase.  That will help guide you to the best purchasing decision."

According to Barnhart, trucks coming off full-service leases from PacLease are sought after by truck buyers due to their detailed maintenance records, and the way they were spec’ed. 

“We’ve always felt PacLease trucks coming off a lease were one of the used truck industry’s best-kept secrets, and a best buy,” he said. “With our lease program continuing to grow not only in Texas, but throughout the country, it means we’re now offering more PacLease units in the used market.”

According to Barnhart, PacLease’s used Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks come with full maintenance records, which have been maintained by PacLease technicians that have extensive training on Peterbilt and Kenworth equipment. PacLease also adheres to an aggressive preventive maintenance program.

“That means PacLease trucks coming off lease – both long haul and medium-duty – have plenty of low-maintenance life left,” said Barnhart. “The trucks are anywhere from three- to six-years old with lower miles than most used trucks of their vintage. What’s more, most qualify for extended warranties for added assurance and protection. They served our lease customers well, they’re now ready to do the same for our next customer. It’s why our dealers often get calls from customers asking when PacLease trucks are coming in for sale. They want first crack.”

PacLease used trucks are sold through most Kenworth and Peterbilt dealership locations, but they’re not visually marked as PacLease vehicles.

“It’s best to ask the used truck salesperson if they have any PacLease trucks in stock, then they can match up specs to see if there is a fit,” said Barnhart. “Each PacLease truck was originally custom spec’ed for an application – which means they’re typically designed with high productivity, weight savings, and fuel economy in mind. They’re cream-of-the-crop when it comes to used vehicles." 

In addition, when PacLease trucks are spec’ed they frequently include the latest technology such as electronic stability control systems, automated manual transmissions, and adaptive cruise control -- features that are considered standard options in new trucks today, but may not have been as common when the truck was built.

“Driver satisfaction and retention is also a very important metric that plays a vital role in the health of a transportation business,” said Barnhart. “That’s not lost on used truck purchasers who see the added value Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks bring to their fleet.”

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