The Governors Highway Safety Association has joined the Partners for Automated Vehicle Eduction...

The Governors Highway Safety Association has joined the Partners for Automated Vehicle Eduction coalition.

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The Governors Highway Safety Association has joined Partners for Automated Vehicle Education in an effort to help disseminate factual safety information about automated vehicles to policymakers, the media, and motorists, according to the group.

Founded in January, the coalition of industry, nonprofit, and academic institutions is led by co-chairs Audi of America and the National Safety Council, other key stakeholders that include AAA, Waymo, numerous technology companies, a host of safety advocates, and several automakers including Toyota and Volkswagen.

The mission of the group is to inform and educate the public and policymakers on the facts regarding automated vehicles so that they can fully participate in shaping the future of our roads and highways. 

As the newest member of the coalition, the association supports its hands-on workshops for the public so that drivers can personally experience and learn about the safe use of AVs. Through the association, states will be able to potentially bring these workshops to wider audiences.

Research suggests that the public has limited knowledge of autonomous vehicle technology and what the operator’s responsibilities should be, and many motorists report that they don’t want to use automated features. This lack of understanding and enthusiasm is in part because of the many mixed, confusing or inaccurate messages about automation, according to the association.

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