Wabco Holdings has announced the availability of several new safety solutions at the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week as well as certified Sheppard remanufactured steering gears for the North American aftermarket.

Products unveiled included Wabco OnSide and OnGuardActive Retrofit Kits, Remanufactured Enhanced Easy-Stop Trailer ABS Systems, Genuine Sheppard Remanufactured Steering Gears, Dump Box Position Sensor Retrofit and Mico Brake Lock Retrofits.

“Wabco can help fleets enhance vehicle productivity and safety through innovative retrofit solutions as well as repairs needed at any stage of the ownership lifecycle,” said Abe Aon, Wabco regional aftermarket sales leader, North America.

Wabco OnSide and OnGuardActive Retrofit Kits: Fast and easy to install, these kits enable fleets to add the latest collision mitigation/avoidance technologies to existing vehicles. OnSide Blind Spot Detection is a radar-based system that supports drivers in passing and lane-change maneuvers. The system provides a warning when it detects a moving vehicle within a 160-degree blind spot range. OnGuardActive is a radar-based active safety system that can offer collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning. When needed, the system can actively apply the brakes to help avoid or mitigate a collision.

Wabco Remanufactured Enhanced Easy-Stop Trailer ABS Systems: Available in one- and two-modulator configurations to meet the requirements of virtually any trailer application, these original equipment-quality systems ensure proper braking force is delivered for exceptional trailer stability and control. With the combination of OE-quality construction and performance, Wabco remanufactured Enhanced Easy-Stop systems also help avoid wheel lock-up and reduce excessive tire wear and flat spotting.

Genuine Sheppard Remanufactured Steering Gears: In 2017, Wabco acquired R.H. Sheppard Co., Inc., a global leader in steering gears and other products for the original equipment and replacement markets. Wabco now offers nearly 400 genuine Sheppard remanufactured steering gear variants, each designed to look and perform like new. Each unit must pass a 17-point performance check before being approved for market use. In addition, these remanufactured units are covered by the same warranty as Sheppard OEM-service new replacement gears.

Dump Box Position Sensor Retrofit, part of the SafeStart family of products from Wabco: This innovative Wabco retrofit solution helps mitigate or prevent accidents and violations by warning the operator when the vehicle exceeds a preset programmed speed with the dump body extended. The system features non-contact magnet sensors, rather than mechanical plunger switches, to ensure extended durability.

Mico Brake Lock Retrofits: Designed for construction, mining, agriculture, material handling, multi-stop delivery and recreational vehicles, Micobrake locks provide additional brake holding when used in conjunction with the vehicle’s properly functioning mechanical parking brake. Wabco now offers a wide range of Mico retrofits covering single, dual, split or anti-lock braking systems. The brake locks fit most medium- and light-duty trucks.

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