Great Dane is the first trailer maker to become a member of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance, joining a coalition of industry leaders dedicated to developing blockchain standards, education, and solutions for the transportation industry.

Great Dane is the first Trailer OEM to join the Blockchain in Transport Alliance.

Great Dane is the first Trailer OEM to join the Blockchain in Transport Alliance.

As a part of the coalition, Great Dane will collaborate with other members of BiTA, including shippers, third-party logistics providers, OEMs, and vendors to help educate and guide the transportation industry toward the successful implementation and adoption of blockchain technology.

“As a transportation solutions leader, it is Great Dane’s mission to stay on the cutting edge of new technology and innovation,” said Dean Engelage, Great Dane’s president. “As a member of this forward-thinking organization, we have the ability to stay up-to-date on the evolving open data standards, while also working to ensure that the framework for how this transformational technology will be utilized by the global transportation industry is inclusive of the trailer and truck body space.”

Great Dane is the first trailer OEM to join BiTA. With its data-driven integrated telematics solution for trailers, the company expects to be able to provide unique insight into the data security and asset management needs of fleets.

“Blockchain technology can help to maintain secure, trackable data, while providing greater visibility into the supply chain to quickly identify issues," Engelage said. "With the largest service network for trailers in the industry, our scale uniquely positions us to help fleets begin to leverage the benefits of blockchains by driving efficiencies across an array of cost buckets, including better transparency and history on an individual trailer basis into maintenance, repairs, parts and warranty terms.”