Fontaine Fifth Wheel has introduced a top plate designed specifically for severe-duty applications, the Fontaine H7, replacing the H5092 and X5092 Series.

The Fontaine H7 is rated up to 70,000 pounds vertical load, a drawbar pull rating up to 200,000 pounds and has the option of being blocked (no-tilt) from the factory. The H7 is suited for logging, heavy haul, oil field, mining and other severe-duty applications.

Like the 7000 Series, the H7 features a cast steel housing and the Fontaine No-Slack locking system with a trigger-activated self-adjusting locking mechanism. The fifth wheel lock self-adjusts in order to accommodate for wear and for variations in kingpin geometry.

It is designed to give drivers get a snug, secure connection as they move from trailer to trailer. The design also reduces shock inputs into the frame when braking and accelerating, leading to a smoother ride and longer-lasting components for lower maintenance costs.