PeopleNet has made the Drivewyze PreClear Weigh Station Bypass App available for its Android mobile software platform.

PeopleNet has partnered with the Drivewyze weigh station bypass service since 2013. The Drivewyze weigh station bypass service allows drivers to save time, fuel and money, decreasing wear and tear on vehicles, and minimizing the stress and hassle of weigh station stops.

“By integrating Drivewyze PreClear with our Android platform, customers can experience the best of both worlds,” said Bryan Coyne, general manager, North America for Trimble Transportation Mobility. “Not only can fleets realize the improved driver performance and trip efficiency that Drivewyze enables but they can leverage the powerful Android platform that is built to meet their needs both today and in the future.”

Drivewyze offers bypass opportunities at almost 700 locations in nearly every state in the continental U.S. and in the Canadian province of Alberta. The Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass application will come pre-loaded on PeopleNet Android devices, including PeopleNet ConnectedTablet and PeopleNet-certified Samsung devices. Fleets can also turn on a free analytics weigh station loss reporting tool to enable them to determine how much Drivewyze can potentially save them before activating the subscription-based weigh station bypass service.

“Drivewyze has been a longtime, strategic partner of PeopleNet’s since 2013,” said Brian Heath, president and CEO of Drivewyze. “We have supported their architecture evolution at every step of the way, and are excited about Drivewyze support for the powerful new PeopleNet Android platform. We are proud to have been in lockstep with PeopleNet’s product direction over the years, so that our customers can always count on being able to use Drivewyze, even as their own needs change.”