Technology company Pass My Physical has launched a new platform aimed at streamlining the U.S Department of Transportation’s medical examination process for drivers.

The platform consists of a mobile app for commercial vehicle drivers and a web application for carriers that work together to help CMV drivers comply with FMCSA medical exam requirement. Once a driver’s information is added to the mobile app, it populates the exam form, which can be printed off at any time.

The Pass My Physical platform helps drivers to understand what they need for their exam and provides them with regular reminders as well as solutions such as personalized medical clearance letters to ensure they have everything ready prior to the exam.

Through the web application, carriers can track the exam status for all of their drivers and receive notifications when drivers update their certification status; when a Medical Examiner (ME) certificate is about to expire; and whenever changes in medical regulation or guidance occur.

"The nature of DOT physical exams has historically led to delays in medical certification due to exam complexity and ambiguity," said Dr. David Thorpe, president of PMP. "By streamlining the exam process, the platform eliminates most delays and helps: keep freight moving with more medically qualified drivers; ensure new hires arrive at a terminal prepared to take the medical exam; and reduce medical certification costs by eliminating the need to retake the exam."