UTech Global  has launched the Oneboard dispatching software,which is designed to reduce inefficiencies by simplifying and consolidating the large volume of data required by dispatch operations.

Oneboard reduces the time and effort needed to manage dispatching data including juggling multiple load board accounts and emails by arranging them all in one place. UTech exhibited the Oneboard solution at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

By streamlining the dispatching process, dispatchers can increase profitability by being able to take on additional loads. According to UTech, its users estimate that Oneboard can add a minimum of three additional loads per week.

Oneboard’s subscription-based software features load board consolidation technology that lets users pick and choose their load priorities. In addition, email-parsing technology sorts through the countless load offer emails and seamlessly organize them in an “Available Loads” screen on the Oneboard dashboard.

Oneboard also provides a “hot loads” map, allowing users to see exactly where "hot" loads are located, so they can plan ahead and have them waiting for their drivers.

Based on the personalized needs of the user, Oneboard allows for both internal and external communication through the dashboard’s convenient text, email, and phone features.  Hands-on software training and dedicated attention from seasoned sales professionals are included.

"In an industry that's flooded with 'me too' software, our team knew we wanted to create something unique and special. There have been too many headaches fleet owners have had to face, but too few solutions that actually solved them,” said Geo Forton, president and CEO at UTech Global.