The American Transportation Research Institute is asking for data from motor carriers to assess the impact of e-commerce on the trucking industry.

The data is being collected through a brief online questionnaire that seeks to capture how the emergence of e-commerce has changed industry business models and operations. The results of the data collection will be compiled and analyzed for ATRI's report on e-commerce and the trucking Industry.

ATRI hopes to gain quantifiable insight into how the trucking industry has adapted to growing e-commerce activity. ATRI expects the research to provide carriers with an understanding of how the industry has responded to structural shifts in the relationships between consumers, businesses, and logistics.

Motor carriers are encouraged to provide data, confidentially, through ATRI's survey by Friday, April 6, 2018.  The survey is available online at

Respondents who submit completed surveys by the deadline are eligible for entry in a raffle to win one of five $100 gift cards and will receive an advance copy of the "Impacts of E-Commerce on the Trucking Industry" report.  The results of this study will be available later this year.