Photo via  Bernard Gagnon /Wikimedia.

Photo via Bernard Gagnon/Wikimedia.

A Utah bill aimed at adopting rules that would allow autonomous cars and trucks on roads in the state passed a House committee on a unanimous vote on Feb. 21. The proposed legislation will now proceed to the full House for consideration.

The bill (HB371) introduced by Rep. Robert Spendlove (R-Sandy), would allow for driverless vehicles on public roadways, according to the Deseret News. The bill outlines some essential requirements for autonomous cars to become road-ready including licensing, registration and insurance, which was left vague for the time being.

It also establishes a tiered system of five levels of automation. Level 1, for example, is a vehicle with no computer-controlled assist mechanisms, whereas Level 5 is a fully autonomous vehicle requiring no human supervision.

Similar legislation has passed in Michigan, California, Nevada, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, and North Dakota.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet