The domestic tire industry reached two milestones in 2017. Replacement truck tire shipments totaled 19.2 million units, a record high. (According to U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association preliminary figures, the totals will be around 19.4 million.)

Replacement light truck tire shipments reached their high-water mark last year, which is surprising considering there was a 20.5% drop in truck tire imports from China.

Original equipment shipments were down, up and up. Passenger units were down close to 5%, perhaps due in part to the disappearing spare. The American Automobile Association says 28% of the 2017 model-year vehicles came without spare tires. Temporary spares also are not counted in the shipments.

In contrast, light truck units were up 10%, and truck tire shipments were up 7.5%.

Editor's note: Robert Ulrich is the editor of Modern Tire Dealer, a sister publication.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet