Mahle Service Solutions’ ArticPro ACX1180C refrigerant handling system is an SAE-certified unit for servicing heavy-duty vehicles that use R134a refrigerant.

The ArcticPro ACX1180C is the OEM heavy-duty commercial option designed to increase technician productivity with a fully-automatic program to recover, vacuum, leak test and charge without command for ease of operation.

The ACX1180C also features an integrated test function that allows the user to capture a before-and-after service snapshot to ensure proper A/C system service functionality. High-pressure leak detection and liquid refrigerant flushing are standard high performance features essential for heavy duty service.

In addition to recovering more than 95% of heavy duty A/C system refrigerant, the ACX1180C features a high capacity 50-pound internal DOT cylinder to service larger commercial vehicles (as compared to the typical 30-pound cylinder in automotive version recovery machines). The unit also includes a 5 CFM vacuum pump, an integrated printer, an ambient humidity sensor, three temperature sensors, four pressure sensors, a vacuum micron sensor providing greater system diagnostic capabilities, a factory-installed heater belt, and it is hybrid certified.

The ACX1180C meets stringent certification requirements, including SAE J2788, SAE J2099 and UL 1963 and is backed by a two-year parts and labor warranty.