Minimizer is growing its #RespectTheDriver brand by releasing a mattress that is designed and specified for over-the-road truck drivers.

The Long Haul Series Mattress is made of natural, organic latex foam. Latex offers breathability and buoyancy, regulating temperature during sleep and reacting instantly to sleeping position changes, according to Minimizer.

The mattress offers dual comfort with a soft side for side sleepers and a firm side for stomach and back sleepers. Minimizer says it is also naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, meaning drivers will not find mold, mildew, bacteria, or dust mites living in the mattress.

“My engineers researched mattresses for over a year and found a big gap with what’s available in a home mattress versus a truck mattress,” said Craig Kruckeberg, Minimizer CEO.  “It shouldn’t be like that.  Why would truck drivers be expected to sleep on something inferior to what the rest of the world has available?  So we set out to make the finest mattress available for professional drivers.”