Minimizer has expanded its existing lineup of Floor Mats to include a selection designed to several models of International trucks.

Minimizer’s Custom Molded Floor Mat kits are designed to fit eight different International trucks including the 5900i, 9200i, 9400i and 9900i models.

The differences in options and models of international trucks required Minimizer to create 12 different Floor Mat models to cover the eight International models, the company says. These differences in cabs can be small and based on transmission type and gearshift location.

“We’ve had Floor Mats for the ProStars and LoneStars for a while, and lots of the vocational models too, but it’s exciting to know that we now have Floor Mats for some of International’s most popular models,” said Craig Kruckeberg Minimizer CEO and chief visionary.  “Our Custom Molded Floor Mats are designed to be a perfect fit, which can be tough logistically, but I’m proud to say our R&D team has pulled it off.”