Xantrex’s Freedom X is a sine wane inverter line designed to bring more surge power and precise electrical power in a more durable package.

The Freedom X is available in 1,000- and 2,000-watt units with an adoption built-in three-stage battery charger. The new inverters feature 2X surge power for up to two seconds for motor loads, according to Mitul Chandrani, senior marketing manager for Xantrex business and Schneider Electric.

“That’s a big advancement for high-frequency sine wave inverters, and a welcome sight for truckers who want to use power tools and other initial high-draw devices,” said Chandrani. “Other sine wave inverters might get up to a ½ second in surge power, and can’t handle the surge -it will shut down the inverter.”

Freedom X works in unison with traditional batteries and is also designed to work with and recharge Lithium-ion batteries. The inverter is capable of charging dead batteries that have been drained to 0 volts, according to Xantrex.  In addition, the new inverters are designed for quick installations with quick connect terminals.

Improved climate protection allows the inverter to provide full output in temperatures ranging from -4 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.