Ancra International’s Poly Deckboards are designed to replace plywood deck boards as a more durable solution.

Ancra says its Poly Deckboards are 50% lighter than typical plywood. The Poly Deckboards feature hand slots, providing better ergonomics for dock workers and allowing for better load optimization.

Tested for durability under load and vibration, Poly Deckboards are also splinter proof to withstand forklift abuse.  Built with high density polyethylene, Poly Deckboards are also designed for low temperature performance, down to -40°Fahrenheit.

Manufactured for Lift-A-Deck II Systems or Standard E Beams and used on 16-inch or 24-inch beam centers, Ancra’s Poly Deckboards feature a nesting design for stackable storage to create a second deck for cargo support that is resistant to moisture and adverse weather conditions.  Manufactured using 100% recyclable polyethylene, customers can receive a residual recycling credit on the back end.