Ancra International’s Driver Assist Straps are designed to help avoid injuries and mishaps while drivers and dockworkers climb into and out of trailers.

The Driver Assist Straps connect to existing E or A tracks, providing a handhold to make entry and exit from a trailer easier. The straps are made from high strength components with an ergonomic design, according to Ancra. The Driver Assist Strap has a reinforced handle for extra comfort, which can help avoid strain and accidents.

Also available is Ancra’s Driver Assist Strap Dual Loop, which is assembled with an additional shorter loop to provide a second handgrip for a person entering or exiting a trailer. The straps can be combined with Ancra’s Trailer Access Steps to provide three points of contact for a driver or dockworker, further reducing the chance for injury from slipping or falling.

The Trailer Access Steps are designed to be permanently mounted under a trailer door with a latch to hold the step securely in position providing a strong, safer and more secure way to stow until needed.