Maven Machines has announced the Smartsense IoT platform offering fleet management and ELD software using plug-n-play hardware, mobile devices, and real-time cloud dashboards.

The Smartsense platform ties together driver performance, GPS and telematics data, and vehicle engine data, to help improve safety, increase fleet efficiency, and automate regulatory compliance for the upcoming ELD mandate.

Maven was previously known for its Co-Pilot Smart headset for drivers designed to combat driver fatigue by alerting drivers when they are falling asleep.

“Maven Machines is pioneering a new era of technology in trucking by focusing on connected mobile devices and a scalable cloud framework,” said Avishai Geller, CEO. “Maven’s smart headset is now one part of our intuitive driver UI and differentiated fleet management system.”

Featuring a mesh network of over 20 sensors inside the truck, Maven provides one-second precision for all measurements including; speeding, hard braking, idling, fatigue, distraction, mirror-checks, and weather, along with automated legal compliance for ELD, DVIR, and California Labor law.  

The real-time cloud portal provides fleets with prioritized information and actionable insights that can help fleets save time and money, ensure compliance, and quantify safety goals.

Maven’s Fleet Management and ELD solution can be deployed and set up quickly to prevent out-of-service time for trucks.  Drivers are provided three familiar tools: a smartphone or tablet, a Maven Co-Pilot Smart Bluetooth headset or earbud, and a plug-n-play wireless J1939 Vehicle Data Adapter (VDA).