Next Trucking has launched a new fleet management app that allows dispatchers to find desirable loads for their fleets.

Next Trucking’s system matches carriers with shippers and now features a function dedicated specifically to dispatchers. The new mobile app function gives dispatchers the option to assign carriers to loads in real time.

The management system on the app allows dispatchers to find available loads, assign drivers, track drivers, and manage shipments. The existing web version offers additional services like organizing equipment and managing accounting and billing.

For dispatchers who also drive occasionally, the app makes switching between trucking and dispatching simpler because it can be managed from a smartphone or other connected mobile device. The app is fully equipped with all the necessary features to make dispatching easy. Managers can add on drivers, show or hide the load price, view all shipment details, and reassign the load if an emergency occurs in the middle of transit. When a delivery is complete, all documents will be submitted electronically for managers to keep in records.