Forward Lift’s DP15 two-post lift is a lift for servicing vehicles weighing up to 15,000 pounds. Low-profile two-stage arms with lightweight adapters provide flexibility for spotting and lifting a wide range of vehicles.

High-strength heavy-gauge steel symmetrical columns on substantial base plate foundations provide stability and support.

The Forward Lift DP15 two-post lift comes standard with eight aluminum truck adapter extensions to reach the recommended pickup points on a wide range of vehicles. The adapters are designed to be strong but light enough to position easily. They can be stored on the included column bracket when not in use.

The DP15 features Forward Lift’s unique Direct-Pull Lift Technology, which replaces common push cylinders in the lift columns with direct-pull cylinders. This design protects the cylinder rod inside the carriage when lowered, and inside the cylinder housing when raised. This technology is designed to provide the best mechanical advantage against side loading, one of the most common causes for cylinder leaks.

Additional features on the Forward Lift DP15 two-post lift include a single-point lock release for easy lowering of the vehicle and a closed loop hydraulic system to protect against hydraulic contamination. The lift can be purchased at one of three heights to meet the needs of any shop.