Whip Around has announced that it will be offering a new basic version of its vehicle inspection software for free in time for the 2017 International Roadcheck.

The latest upgrade to its vehicle inspection software is set to provide organizations with increased data collection, deep analytics, and leaderboards across a fleet. The service will enable smaller operators to benefit from Whip Around’s mobile vehicle inspection app (e-DVIR) and its cloud-based manager’s dashboard for free.

The free version of Whip Around supports up to three vehicles, one driver, one manager, and one form. At any time, a fleet can upgrade to a premium subscription from 20 per month which will support unlimited drivers, their chosen fleet size, unlimited customized forms and a faults management module.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this in time for Roadcheck 2017. With an emphasis on securing loads this year our mobile apps and intuitive dashboard reporting will help drivers and fleet owners stay on top of compliance and therefore hopefully reduce the risk of fines and unplanned maintenance,” said James Colley, Co-Founder of Whip Around. “We have spent a lot of time focusing on different segments within the transport industry and we want to put some focus onto smaller fleets that make up a significant share of the industry. We believe the freemium service will provide an easy stepping stone into mobilizing their inspection and reporting processes”.