E-Zoil’s Hardy Hands is a hand cleaner for professional technicians that features a high-performance formula with natural ingredients.

Hardy Hands contains walnut shell scrubbers designed to remove dirt and grime. It also contains six different lotions to clean and soften hands while leaving behind a citrus aroma.

“Most hand cleaners on the market utilize solvents to remove dirt and grime,” said Christopher Miller, E-Zoil vice president. “We formulated Hardy Hands from natural ingredients to be environmentally friendly. Technicians will notice right away that their hands feel different because there is no greasy residue left behind."

Hardy Hands feature a highly concentrated formula aimed at being more effective while using less cleaner than comparable products. E-Zoil has also introduced Hardy Wipes, a combined hand, tool, and surface towel. The companion product uses the same formula in Hardy Hands for removing dirt, grime, grease, oil and tar. The two-sided towel has an abrasive side to cut through soils and the smooth side is designed to wipe surfaces clean.

Hardy Hands is available in 3- and 18-ounce bottles and an 85-ounce jug. A dispenser for the jug is also available that is ideal for shop environments. Hardy Wipes are 9 inches x 12 inches and available in a 70–count container.