Eco-Absorbent Technologies Large Truck Kit includes everything that is needed to quickly and effectively deal with unexpected spills.

Designed to be an effective green spill response kit, the Large Truck Kit includes one bag of Eco-Absorb lightweight absorbent, 10 hazmat absorbent pads, three hazmat absorbent socks, one large and three small wooden plugs, one container of 10-ounce putty, two pairs of latex gloves, and a trash bag for disposal. The Eco-Absorb absorbent is made for indoor spills with a formula that absorbs spills without leaving residue behind.

The Large Truck Kit is designed for use with commercial vehicles, emergency response vehicles, fleet management companies, and maintenance shops.

Eco-Absorbent Technologies’ products are designed to be non-toxic to humans and do not contain crystalline silica which is a carcinogen found in clay based products, according to the company.