Pirelli is launching two G:85 series tires designed specifically for steer and drive on/off road applications, the TG:85 and FG:85.

Both tires come in 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 sizes and are part of the Pirelli Brand of Radial Truck Tires, Agricultural Tires, and Off-the-Road tires the company is bringing to North America.

The FG:85 is an on/off road, all-position tire dedicated to mixed use vehicles operating on roads, construction sites, and in aggressive tread-wear conditions. The tire is designed for better retreadability with a durable casing, specially formulated tread compound, Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck, and Bead Wrapped Chafer for increased resistance.

The tire features an optimized tread depth and increased undertread to reduce possible casing damage, allowing longer mileage and tire life. The tread is also designed to improve traction on any surface with zig-zag longitudinal grooves and wide transversal shoulder grooves.

The TG:85 Series is an on/off road drive tire for mixed use vehicles operating in demanding tread-wear conditions, used mainly in the drive position. The tread design features robust shoulder blocks and a large central rib to resist tears and wide, deep transversal grooves for optimum road holding and grip on slippery surfaces.

The tread compound is designed to provide lower operating temperatures to increase mileage and tire integrity. The undertread delivers longer tire life and protection against casing damage. Like the FG:85, the TG:85 also features SATT, a Dual Layer Tread Compound, and Bead Wrapped Chafter for increased resistance and better retreadability.