Ancra International has launched a new line of safety equipment featuring wearables, flags, banners, and reflectors to compliment the company’s existing safety products.

The new safety vests are made with highly-visible lime green or orange mesh with contrasting retro-reflective strips on the front and back. The vests feature a Velcro closure at the front and elastic side straps to make it easy to put on and take off. Ancra is also offering reflective work gloves which improve visibility through retro-reflective strips and are designed to emphasize comfort and breathability.

The company’s warning flags can be secured with a magnetic flag holder. The magnetic flag holder has a center screw and wing nut for secure flag attachment and features a 2.3-inch diameter magnet rated at 80 pounds of pull force. The magnetic flag holders will securely fix a safety flag without risking damage and easily remove to make it easy to move to a new job. Additionally, a reversible vinyl banner offers sewn-in bungee cords to easily attach, eliminating the need for additional ropes or cords.

For emergency situations, Ancra is offering a new help light kit, LED flashlight, and triangle warning kit. The help light kit features 3 puck-style lights with a visibility of 360-degrees for up to 1 mile, according to Ancra. The lights are rain proof, have a magnet, and a folding hook on the back and a battery life of up to nine hours. The company’s LED flashlight has a battery life of 2 hours with a range of around 220 yards and an output of 400 lumens. Both the help light kit and LED flashlight comes with batteries included.

Stored in a durable red plastic case, Ancra’s triangle warning kit contains three DOT certified collapsible reflective triangles used in compliance with FMCSA standards and certified by AMECA. Each product is packaged for individual sale and most products can be easily and directly transferred from the shipping box to a retail display.

“We are thrilled to be launching our new safety products as safety is our number one priority at Ancra,” said Larry Bethel, president of Ancra. “We’re laser focused on identifying and reducing risk by continually improving our safety line of products which will bring great value to your customers.”