Peterson has combined the look of its original 36-diode Piranha LED lights with modern circuitry and automated manufacturing to create the 817R-36 Stop/Turn/Tail light and the 817A-36 Park/Turn light.

The new 4-inch round models are available as both red-lensed S/T/T lights and amber-lensed Park/Turn lights. Thirty-six bright white diodes provide brilliant illumination with the reliability of an LED. Both models feature an operating range of 9-16 volts with a design that provides consistent light output over the entire voltage range.

The lights are available in either grommet- or flange-mount design and do not require top positioning to meet FMVSS 108 standards. The amber version meets U.S. Department of Transportation requirements for front and rear turn signal, parking lamp, sidemarker, and clearance lights.

“We’re proud to add these new items to our growing USA-made line,” said Mark Assenmacher, Peterson marketing director. “They’re now in stock and priced to compete with any LED high-count light on the market.”