NASHVILLE -- Decisiv Inc. says its new service management visualization platform, Insite 2.0, uses the latest cloud technologies to make reporting faster and easier to use.

"Decisiv’s fleet, OEM, lessor and managed maintenance service provider customers can search, analyze and build network-wide dashboards and reports analyzing dwell time, performance, compliance and other actionable information,” said Dick Hyatt, president and CEO of Decisiv, Sunday at the 2017 TMC Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition. “Imagine having a completely interactive ability to filter based on specific locations, types of repair, and other attributes, quickly identifying outliers across thousands of transactions, and then drilling into the actual service events and even to the asset level details.”

Reports can be notification based (e.g. every Tuesday at 8 a.m.), accessed at any time through any web browser, and the data can also be made available for export into any other thidrd party reporting tool.  Dashboards allow extensive filtering and interactive drill-downs that enable users to go from the high level information down the specific service event or asset in question.

Insite 2.0 uniquely provides reporting and analytics on service events not captured anywhere else, according to Decisiv, including:

• Detailed downtime metrics (Reason for Repair, Asset Type, Type of Repair, etc. – what types of repairs are creating the most downtime and why – is it specific to a single Asset? A type of repair? Etc.)

• Shop/Provider/Service Event Performance (quantitative measure of specific attributes and activities rather than relying on second-hand information or chasing down disconnected emails)Service Enter “Compliance” (are you getting the information you need from your service events, no matter where they are performed, to make better business decisions)

• Event / Work Order VMRS (enables in-depth analysis of costs, downtime, breakdowns, maintenance events etc. across a broad range of parameters so you are not reliant on “tech stories” or other inconsistent free text descriptions)

As needed, Insite 2.0 includes an extensive set of standard reports for fleets (e.g. scheduled maintenance compliance and performance, and asset costs (by type of asset - truck, trailer, etc.), and custom reports are also available.

Decisiv customers access Insite as part of their standard subscription including a standard set of dashboards and reports based on user segment (fleet, service provider, lessor, managed maintenance, OEM).