NASHVILLE -- Haldex's new Intelligent Trailer Control Module (ITCM) expands the capability of trailer ABS systems to include faster communication and increased functionality. Haldex announced the new control module at the Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting here on Sunday.

With two communication protocols -- Power Line Carrier (PLC) and Controller Area Network (CAN) -- the ITCM offers multiple auxiliary ports for additional device connection, such as:

  • Trailer Roll Stability Control such as Haldex's plug-in Stability Module – a plug-in auxiliary device for rollover control and automatic braking,
  • Trailer Roll Stability Control, The Haldex Stability Module communicates through the CAN port and works with ITCM to potentially prevent trailer stability events. The Stability Module also acts as a brake-apply valve for future auxiliaries and functions like soft-docking.
  • Trailer Lift Axle Control, such as the Haldex ILAS E that controls the position of lift axles during operation.
  • Switch Control, which acts as an on/off switch to provide an action determined by pressures, temperature, power voltage and other inputs from various sources such as open doors, lights left on, brake lining wear sensors, actuator stroke sensing and more.
  • Brake monitoring control. The brake monitoring function monitors airline (service/emergency) inputs to detect potential braking problems, such as dragging brakes, air system leaks, false charging, and Incorrect glad-hand connections.  
  • External System Monitoring provides monitoring and reporting on non-Haldex systems such as tire pressure monitoring systems.

The system can also be integrated into fleet GPS systems, and in-cab warnings are provided through the existing ABS dash lamp.

“The new ITCM is one more step that we are taking in the technology arena to provide more flexibility and control to our fleet customers," said Walt Frankiewicz, senior vice president, North America Sales. "We continue to expand our ABS and air brake systems to increase functionality.”

The expanded diagnostics capability of ITCM offers several ways to communicate to retrieve codes or set up additional devices. The self-configurable and flash upgradeable ITCM ECU is compatible with 1M, 2M and 3M ABS configurations.

The system can also be configured to function as a stand-alone stability control system that can funcrion without a tractor-based stability control system in place, such as when using older equipment, said Scott Walpole, product manager ABS/EBS and Valves, North America.