NASHVILLE -- The benefits of tire inflation systems on trucks are obvious. So, too are the benefits of aerodynamic wheel covers. Until now, fleets were forced to choose one system over the other, since aerodynamic wheel covers were not designed to fit over hub-mounted tire inflation components.

Aperia Technologies, which manufactures the Halo bolt-on tire inflation system, is seeking to change that through a partnership with aerodynamic component supplier FlowBelow and the joint development of a new, Halo-compatible aerodynamic wheel cover designed to fit over the Aperia tire inflation system.

Announced during the ATA's Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting, the new wheel cover allows fleets to either spec new equipment, or retrofit older vehicles with both systems.

According to Josh Carter, chief executive officer for Aperia, the combined benefits of both systems can deliver up to 3 - 4% improvement in fuel economy.

"After seeing the demand from our mutual fleet customers, we partnered with FlowBelow Aero to develop this wheel cover system," Carter said. "This means that our customers can realize the fuel saving benefits of a total efficiency package that includes both the patented Halo Tire Inflator and the patented Tractor AeroKit System from FlowBelow which includes these wheel covers."