NASHVILLE -- TMW has launched a new, affordable and user-friendly maintenance management solution designed to help fleets with fewer than 150 trucks improve cost control and maintain DOT complianc, as well as a parts inventory app for technicians.

"Many smaller fleets have found themselves priced out of the market for modern maintenance solutions, whether the work is performed in their own shops or outsourced," explained Renaldo Adler, principal, asset maintenance, fleets and service centers for the company, at the Technology & Maintenance Council meeting Sunday. "TMW FleetCheck levels the playing field by providing many of the same tools, reporting capabilities and other features that are helping larger fleets run smarter and more profitably."

TMW FleetCheck enables users to integrate the management of multiple areas that impact operational efficiency and cost per mile such as preventive maintenance schedules, fuel usage and warranty recovery for fleets that outsource their maintenance. 

Fleets that have their own shops can use FleetCheck to monitor parts inventory, track labor rates with extensive reporting capabilities that allow users to analyze and improve equipment and parts procurement, review technician performance, negotiate vendor pricing and manage a full range of costs in real time. The system also ensures that DOT registrations are renewed on time and inspections are completed according to schedule.

TMW also introduced a mobile app that allows technicians to perform a variety of parts inventory management processes quickly and easily with an Android or iOS device.

Called Parts Room, the new TMW app allows technicians to perform a complete physical inventory for a parts room, or narrow the list by individual bin, part number range or part type. Several filters can also streamline the process, including the ability to scan only uncounted parts or parts that show a quality variance. Users can also scan a part number for lookup in conjunction with an inventory adjustment.