NASHVILLE -- Truck-Lite unveiled its new generation of trailer-focused telematics at the Technology & Maintenance Council meeting Sunday. 

The new system is called Road Ready, and according to Roger Elmer, director of research and technology development for the company, boasts a variety of new features and functions designed to let both drivers and fleet managers know when a problem with trailer lighting occurs.

Road Ready is based around an array of peel-and-stick, solar-powered, wireless sensors that communicate with Master Control Unit (MCU) and relay real-time data on a variety of trailer-oriented events including tire pressure, light-out detection, anti-lock brake system monitoring, unauthorized door openings, cargo fill and movement detection, temperature and auxiliary fuel levels for reefers, as well as geofencing and trailer arrival and departure alerts. The system is designed to brand-agnostic and customizable/expandable in terms of adding additional monitoring and alert functions to meet any specific fleet requirement.

The MCU is also solar powered and features a quick-charging battery capable of holding a charge for 60 days without sunlight and a 10-year lifespan. The MCU continually monitors data transmitted by the wireless sensors on the trailer and relays alerts to a intuitive, desktop dashboard that allows fleet managers to monitor an entire trailer fleet at a glance. Additionally, Road Ready also expedites pre-trip inspections by recording inspection events and logging a record of the inspection process.

"Our primary focus is to help drivers and the fleets they serve to operate in full compliance of all safety standards," said Brian Kupchella, president and CEO of Truck-Lite. "This product line is the result of multiple initiatives by Truck-Lite's research group over the past 18 months and this expansion into the telematics industry fits our mission to be a true See & Be Seen company."

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