J.J. Keller & Associates has introduced Everyday Transportation Safety Management: A proactive and Practical Approach for the Transportation Safety Professional, a new resource for transportation safety professionals.

The publication was developed to help transportation safety professionals comply with complex and changing Department of Transportation regulations, foster a safety culture and protect a company’s bottom line. It includes callouts to draw attention to critical aspects of the regulations, as well as best practices and actionable content for structuring and maintaining transportation safety programs.

The major topics in Everyday Transportation Safety Management reflect common challenges in maintaining a safe, efficient, compliant operation: safety responsibilities, safety compliance management, maintaining a safety fitness rating, risk management, and loss prevention, and safety training. It also addresses employee retention and involvement.

“This valuable resource will help novice and seasoned safety professionals alike navigate their safety journey,” said Mark Schedler, senior transportation editor for J. J. Keller. “It takes the approach that safety is always a work in progress, with many barriers to be addressed.”

Everyday Transportation Safety Management is also available in an online edition that provides access to the content from anywhere, using a web browser and mobile device. An update service is available to ensure that transportation safety professionals can stay current with any changes to DOT regulations.