The Chief Chassis Liner Heavy-Duty Trucker is a pulling package designed to repair a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles.

The pulling system is built on a multiuse platform that can be customized to meet a heavy-duty shop's needs for less than the cost of a rail system, according to Chief.

The modular design of the Heavy-Duty Trucker allows for precise holding, pulling and pushing anywhere around the bed, providing technicians with a wide variety of options to bring larger vehicle frames back into alignment. It is available with four, six, or eight seven-foot-tall cab towers, providing 360-degrees of pulling with 25-tons of pulling power, and two pulls per tower. Laser-cut tie-downs are located in the inner and outer portion of the treadways, and there are center hold pockets for additional tie-downs and anchoring. A jacking beam allows for pushing up on frames.

Available in 32-foot, 40-foot, or custom bed lengths the Chassis Liner Heavy Duty Trucker features a drive-on deck designed to provide good access to the vehicle being repaired. Removable drive-on ramps and non-skid treadways allow for easier loading of the vehicle being repaired. The bed is also plumbed for air in multiple locations to speed prep time.