DriverTech has launched the DT4000 Rev 7, a new mobile communications device with electronic logging device capabilities and a front-facing dash camera.

“Our brand new 7th generation DT4000 is a truly revolutionary device and a remarkable value for fleets,” said Mark Haslam, CEO of DriverTech. “We’ve created our most powerful system ever – it’s packed with new capabilities such as 100% more computing capacity, installs in under twenty minutes and includes a front facing critical event camera.”

Beyond the new hardware, DriverTech has made multiple recent additions to its software including:

  • Video capture of critical events, such as hard braking
  • WorkFlow integrations with leading transportation management software providers
  • A smartphone app to link business processes to drivers outside of the cab
  • Fleet-managed Truck Safe Navigation

Other features include the ability to interface with Cummins Connected Diagnostics, and Meritor Tire Inflation System products.

The design team for the DT4000 put a special emphasis on distracted driving and has carefully followed the SAE J2571 standard for ‘Mode Control’ which sets standards for truck and bus user interfaces and stipulates that certain functions are restricted while driving.

“Preventing the driver from using distracting elements of the smartphone is nearly impossible when you make the smartphone the primary driver interface for HOS or other applications,” said Steve Sanderson, director of sales for DriverTech. “Following SAE J2571 is the first and best method to limit distracting.”