Western Star has added a new option for personalizing the 5700XE – the Phantom 2 Graphics package featuring new, modular components for more customization options.

The Phantom 2 Graphics package is an extension of the original graphics package and is available in several colors and textures, including matte, carbon fiber, and brushed aluminum.  The components can be had as separate pieces for the hood, intake, side fenders, and visor, or as a complete package.

The matte finish package is a stylish option that when spec’d with the hood module, reduces sun glare to improve a driver’s experience.

The Phantom 2 Graphics package is currently available to order.

“The Phantom 2 Graphics package helps drivers and fleets make the 5700XE uniquely their own,” said Ann Demitruk, vice president of marketing for Western Star. “The truck’s distinctive, bold styling turns heads when it’s on the road.”