Carrier Transicold’s DataLink 2 recorder uses up to three independent temperature sensors, providing an added layer of verification beyond the refrigeration system’s built-in recording ability in a refrigerated trailer.

The DataLink 2 is designed for single- or multi-temperature applications, from refrigerated trailers to refrigerated straight trucks. A thermal printer lets drivers produce numerical and graphical trip reports for receivers and the data can also be downloaded into a computer for electronic logging.

The device helps fleets monitor trailer temperatures for temperature-critical goods like pharmaceuticals, perishable and frozen foods. The DataLink 2 recorder helps food distribution fleets track and manage information for compliance.

The DataLink 2 recorder can also be used as an analytical tool when connected to a Carrier Transicold refrigeration unit’s control system. Temperature data captured from its own sensors can be correlated with activities recorded by the control system, helping to identify potential sources of temperature problems.

The DataLink 2 recorder auto-detects which Carrier Transicold controller it is connected to, whether an APX or Advance controller or the standard microprocessor. Setup is done through a “soft menu” system keyed to four buttons located just below the device’s backlit display screen. Two recorder styles are offered: body-mount models that attach to either a truck or trailer cargo area, and an in-dash DIN-mount version for straight truck applications.