SAF-Holland announced a next generation CBX series trailer suspension, the CBX40 AeroBeam sliding tandem, which claims light weight, easy maintenance and high durability.

Due out in next year’s first quarter, the suspension’s base weight is 1,267 pounds, 85 pounds lighter overall than the previous model and 27 pounds lighter than the nearest competitive slider suspension, said Roger Jensen, product manager for trailer axles and suspensions.

“Phase 2 of the federal greenhouse gas (GHG) rules will essentially require addition of skirts and tail devices, adding 450 to 500 pounds to a trailer,” he said. “Yet shippers will still want fleets to carry the same amount of cargo.”

The answer to that challenge is to reduce tare weight, and the suspension, which accounts for 20% of total trailer weight, presents an opportunity, Jensen said.

The CBX40 AeroBeam is also stronger, with an 80-ksi steel sub-frame with four full-height cross members. Sixteen carefully placed reinforcements improve resistance to damage caused by curb strikes, slider repositioning, and drag turns. The slider sub-frame is backed by a 7-year warranty.

Its 5.75-inch diameter friction-welded axles have 9-mm-thick walls, which he said are 12% thicker than competitive axles. This minimizes axle deflection to improve inside tire tread wear. Heat-treated cast alloy suspension beams deliver a high strength-to-weight ratio. The suspension and axle beam assembly is covered by a 10-year warranty.

Relocated shock absorbers provide more room on the sub-frame to install air tanks, brake valves, tire inflation systems, and ABS modules. Combined with the streamlined AeroBeam design, the new CBX40 AeroBeam facilitates under chassis airflow and leaves room for mounting of air tanks, slack adjusters and other equipment.

Like all SAF suspension systems, the CBX40 AeroBeam is coated with Black Armour, which bonds with metal to form a protective layer that is impervious to water and stands up against the harsh anti-icing agents used on roadways. It provides the protection of galvanizing without the added weight, Jensen said.

The patented SwingAlign system makes maintaining axle adjustment quick and easy. Industry standard service components including air springs, shock absorbers, height control valves and actuators reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Those parts are available through SAF-Holland’s network or aftermarket sources.  

CBX40 AeroBeam is customizable to suit any on-highway application. Options include manual or air-assisted slide pin release, dock walk solution, auto-sensing lift axles, P89 air disc brakes or drum brakes, parallel or taper spindles, and conventional or extended warranty wheel end packages.