Meritor’s AllFit premium-tapered roller bearings for differentials, transmission and wheel-ends is an all-makes solution for multiple applications including steer, drive and trailer axles.

AllFit bearings are manufactured with high-grade steel and are through-hardened for added tensile strength. To safeguard against contaminants, each bearing is packaged in individually sealed and wrapped plastic bags.  Select wheel-end sets include intermediate plastic between the cup and cone for added protection during transportation.

The bearings are offered through independent warehouse distributors and original equipment dealers. AllFit bearings are also available to rebuilders through Meritor’s Drivetrain Direct program.

“The AllFit bearing is an ideal all-makes solution offering exceptional reliability, long life and full interchangeability with other manufacturer’s bearings,” said Sam Marco, product specialist for Meritor Aftermarket. “The new offering rounds out our portfolio, allowing us to respond to customer requests for cost-effective, high-quality all-makes bearing options.”