The Purkeys Electrical Tool Kit has tools that a technician needs to test and diagnose a variety of electrical issues on commercial vehicles.

“We put a lot thought into this and made a good kit that will give a technician all the tools they need to do their job properly,” said Larry Rambeaux, Purkeys national truck and fleet representative.

The kit is an all-in-one package that comes with a heavy-duty industrial multimeter, a wide-range mini IR thermometer, a bead wire type K temperature probe, a mini DC clamp-on ammeter and general purpose test leads.

The multimeter is a voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter that can be used for applications like continuity checks, diode checks and capacity checks.

Purkeys’ Clip-on Ammeter was designed for accuracy and dependability featuring a 40-amp scale and 400-amp scale. It is suited for any measurements being taken from a truck or trailer.

The infrared thermometer gun is useful for load tests on batteries because modern battery testers require temperature input, according to Purkeys. The gun allows technicians to precisely know the temperature to ensure accurate measurements.