Navistar said a new Accelerator Write-Up mobile application will streamline service-writing and diagnostic processes, and will soon be at all 700 International Truck and IC Bus locations.

"The Accelerator Write-Up Tool was designed with extensive dealer input with the goal of saving time, removing ambiguity and standardizing procedures during the service check-in process," said Mark Reiter, Navistar’s vice president, customer support. "The goal is to maximize customer uptime and provide a best-in-class customer experience."

The Accelerator Write-up is an Android mobile application that collects customer vehicle problems using a multiple-choice questionnaire, and assigns them to corresponding complaint codes, the announcement said. It then links these issues to action plans that give service technicians clear direction on how to diagnose and repair them.

Through a process led by a dealer's service advisor, the customer and dealer collaborate to 1) confirm customer information; 2) collect the customer vehicle issue by assigning it a code; 3) capture photos of all four corners of the vehicle; 4) connect to the vehicle to capture a health report; and 5) agree to the terms of service.

This write-up data then becomes accessible to customers subscribing to OnCommand Connection, Navistar's remote diagnostics system. Customers can view their vehicle's complete service history and health reports from their own computer or mobile device.

OnCommand Connection, the industry's first all-makes remote diagnostics system, monitors vehicles' health and allows fleet managers to find, prioritize and address issues while the vehicle is on the road.

Dealerships will begin implementing the Accelerator Write-up on July 28. More information is at and a video is here.