Michelin Americas Truck Tires has introduced a new drive-position retread designed for longer wear life, durability and traction called the Michelin MD XDN 2 Pre-Mold retread.

The tire is made for regional, medium-duty vehicles with 19.5-inch tires and has attributes aimed at food and beverage, parcel package, and pick-up and delivery applications.

The MD XDN 2 Pre-Mold feature an 18/32-inch tread depth for 190/200 tread sizes and 20/32-inch tread depth for 210/220/230 tread sizes. The tread design minimizes the internal casing temperature, contributing to a longer casing and tread life, according to Michelin. Wide, open-shoulder grooves provide better wear and full-depth sipes deliver more traction.

"Delivery fleets are faced with tough start-stop, turning and curbing conditions as they get their products to market each day,” said Adam Murphy, vice president of marketing for Michelin Americas Truck Tires. “They demand a retread option that is as tough as the roads they drive on. The new Michelin MD XDN 2 Pre-Mold retread answers those demands with long, even wear and excellent traction.”