CarriersEdge has announced a mobile training app for truck drivers that gives access to the company’s library of orientation and refresher courses and knowledge tests.

“Having a dedicated mobile app for driver training makes a lot of sense,” said Jane Jazrawy, CEO of CarriersEdge. “There are generic productivity apps that can be used to run basic training programs, but until now there hasn’t been anything dedicated exclusively to driver training and we felt that needed to change.”

CarriersEdge offers a range of courses on defensive driving, winter driving, hours of service and logbooks, practical cargo securement, hazardous materials, CSA, fire safety, drug and alcohol, recognizing and preventing fatigue, and maximizing fuel efficiency.

Features of the CarriersEdge mobile app include push notification so fleets can notify drivers of new training assignments or when deadlines are approaching. The app simplifies access for drivers and once it is installed, drivers can stay logged in and do not need to remember a password to resume training.

“A common challenge for fleets is that they don’t have personal email addresses for drivers and using satellite communications only works if the driver is in the vehicle,” said Jazrawy. “That means there’s no easy way to send messages to drivers when they’ve been assigned training, need to renew expiring courses, or have deadlines approaching. With the CarriersEdge mobile app, that is all done directly on the device. For drivers it’s personal, more timely, and a better way to stay on top of things.”

The CarriersEdge mobile app is available on Google Play and at the Apple App Store for IOS and Android devices.