SmartTruck’s TopKit Aero System is a combination of devices designed to improve the airflow around a vehicle and increase fuel mileage.

The TopKit Aero System consists of the Aero Rain Guard and two Side Fairings on each side. When equipped with these devices, the Aero System combats the large base wake behind the trailer by contouring up into the faster moving air above the trailer and redirecting it into the base wake behind the trailer.

The TopKit can improve fuel efficiency by up to 5.5% during normal, long-haul highway operations according to SmartTruck.

The Side Fairings are twin sheet, thermoformed plastic part made from MetaForm 7200 thermoplastic polyolefin. They can fit flat and corrugated trailers with the addition of a transition piece. The Aero Rain Guard, also made of the same material, is a pre-assembled kit, that is designed to be fitted and installed to the rear roof area.