Peterbilt has released a free iPad app that allows customers to build and configure a Model 579, choosing specs, colors and other options.

Users can choose between a truck or tractor, day cab or sleeper, different hood lengths and bright packages, powertrains and other components. The app also offers a full range of fairings and closeouts to build the more aerodynamic and fuel efficient Model 579 EPIQ.

Once a truck has been configured to a user’s preferences, the app allows them to be saved or emailed. A similar version of the configurator is available on Peterbilt’s website.

“Peterbilt’s Model 579 configurator app provides an educational, entertaining way to engage with the most innovative and aerodynamic truck in the history of Peterbilt,” said Jorge Medina, Peterbilt’s director of marketing. “Users can experience the Model 579’s versatility and many premium options by building the truck of their dreams or experimenting how to optimize the truck for various applications.”