Rand McNally has released a 7-inch version of its TND Tablet for truckers, giving drivers another option for a combined truck-specific GPS and preloaded Android tablet.

The original TND Tablet featured an 8-inch screen and the new version keeps all of the same features but delivers it in a more compact form factor. Both tablets can be paired with the Rand McNally’s recently announced ELD 50 device to create a compliant electronic logging system.

The TND Tablet provides driver-centered features such as truck-specific routing, mileage tracking and an on-board dash cam. It comes preloaded with apps for document scanning, load matching and book-keeping assistance. Because the tablet is running Android software, it still offers email, social media, an internet browser and other forms of entertainment.

Priced at $449.99, the TND Tablet 70 is available at retail truck stops and travel centers, select online outlets and at Rand McNally’s online store.