TSE Brakes has released the UL-Disc Air Brake Actuators, designed specifically for use with transportation equipment.

The Air Brake Actuators feature electro-deposition coating inside and out and a powder coating finish for corrosion protection and improved durability. Main spring adds a proprietary UL base coating in addition to TSE’s multi-stage coating system for added corrosion protection.

A self-guided pressure plate ensures a consistent alignment of spring providing smooth operation and less wear. The steel APR plate is e-coated as well for corrosion protection.

“Due to reduced stopping distance requirements, air disc brakes are growing in popularity for both fleets and owner-operators,” said Ian Shackleton, TSE Brakes director, North American OEM sales and marketing. “Fleets are also interested in air disc brakes for their safety performance and their potential for reduced maintenance requirements. To meet this market need, TSE Brakes is providing a premium product, the UL-Disc, that features an industry best warranty of up to 7 years.”

The bushing assembly provides a center seal that traps lubricant for extended service to reduce center section leaks and brake drag. The diaphragms feature contaminant-resistant rubber reinforced with nylon fabric tested in excess of industry specifications.

The all-steel design provides an air-tight center section that prevents leaks, structural failures and galvanic corrosion.