Illinois Auto Truck’s AutoSet Clutch is a self-adjusting heavy-duty clutch that compensates for wear over time by auto-adjusting to maintain the clutch pedal free play.

It incorporates two shifting cams that sense the need to adjust to maintain proper clearance. The cams are connected by two stainless steel springs that allow for a strong and balanced operation.

The clutch also features an over-adjustment protection feature that connects the clutch cover to the adjusting ring. This keeps the cams in place rather than over or under adjusting when a shock to the truck occurs. An updated bearing was also incorporated into the new design that includes three-point lubrication fittings, a bearing cage seal and wide bearing pads.

“The AutoSet Clutch sets itself upon installation and eliminates the normal and necessary manual adjustments through the life of the clutch,” said Richard H. Stein, president of IATCO. “It is the perfect solution to decrease clutch maintenance costs and maximize vehicle operation time.”