NASHVILLE -- Mitchell 1 says an update to the interface between its RepairConnect diagnostic trouble-code tool and Noregon’s JPro Professional commercial fleet diagnostics software gives technicians faster access to TruckSeries, the latest version of Mitchell 1’s repair information for Class 4-8 trucks.

The RepairConnect module in TruckSeries includes all of the diagnostic trouble code content and procedures in the previous version, but delivers the data faster and in a more user friendly experience, said Scott DeGiorgio, general manager of Mitchell 1’s commercial vehicle group, in an announcement during the ATA's Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting Sunday.

TruckSeries also includes enhancements to vehicle selection, printing, and search capabilities, and may be accessed from a wider range of Internet browsers.

“With RepairConnect in TruckSeries, users will be able to work more efficiently, limit downtime, and quickly return the vehicle to service,” he said.

Through the interface, RepairConnect automatically communicates comprehensive repair information for any diagnostic trouble code identified by Noregon’s JPro Professional software.

Since 2012, Mitchell 1 and Noregon have partnered to provide users access to the DTC-related service information in RepairConnect, including descriptions of trouble codes, related wiring diagrams, component connector views, electrical component locator, testing procedures, removal and installation procedures and diagnostic-related specifications.

TruckSeries is available for Class 4-8 trucks, giving truck technicians a single data resource with scalable wiring diagrams, digital pictures, diagnostics, and repair procedures. Current subscribers to Mitchell 1 online truck products will transition to the new platform in a phased approach starting this month.